Neil Boron LIVE

Neil Boron LIVE

Neil Boron

Jeff Jones and Mike Hogan

Neil Boron LIVE | November 23, 2023

Christianity is known for a lot of things these days. Labeled as intolerant or hateful, the true heart of the Christian faith has been buried underneath an onslaught of bad attention and bad press. We’ve failed our brand. In John 13, Jesus gave us the brand―radical love. Christians are known for many things today but love is not one of them. In Rebranding Christianity, Pastor Jeff Jones and professional marketer Mike Hogan combine their experience to provide a fresh new perspective on the Christian faith, how it has strayed from its true intention, and how to reclaim it. Interwoven with case studies of the most trusted and hated brands, Jones and Hogan break down how brands lose the trust of their audience and once lost, how that trust can be regained. It’s time for Christianity to return to its true intention. It’s time for a rebrand.

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