Privacy Policy


We collect only such information as is necessary to conduct business on this Site. Such information may include your name, mailing address, e-mail address and telephone number. If we offer you the opportunity to open an account with us, you will create a user name and password, and we will maintain a record of your transactions with us. We may also place a “cookie” (a special text file) on your machine or device to identify you in future transactions with us. You are welcome to set your browser to refuse cookies, but such action may result in less convenience in using this Site. We do NOT collect such information as Social Security numbers, Taxpayer ID numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers or other similar proprietary information. If financial transactions are conducted through this Site, they are conducted by third-party payment processors, such as those provided by Pay Pal®, American Express® or other similar organizations and companies. Frankly, we don't want the responsibility for maintaining your bank or credit card account numbers. If you receive communication from what appears to be us asking for such information, IT DID NOT COME FROM US, and if you should respond to it, you do so only at your own peril. Most likely, it is a "phishing" program and should be avoided. Such communication should be reported to a government authority, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United Stated Federal Trade Commission, the United States Treasury Department, the Federal Communications Commission, or state or local law enforcement agencies.


A. As stated above, the information we collect is primarily for the purpose of conducting business through this Site. SOME AREAS OF THIS SITE ARE FOR THE USE OF REGISTERED USERS ONLY. To access these areas, we require you to create an account. There is NO charge for creating an account. All other areas of the Site may be browsed anonymously.

B. The information we collect may be used for statistical analysis of our Site. We use this information to make improvements to our Site that we believe will make it easier and more attractive to our users and customers. We derive statistical models of our users from such data and its collection. We consider all such information statistical in nature and use it internally as such. While some information we collect may be personally identifying, we presume such information is private and proprietary, and understand you are providing it to us solely for our mutual benefit. We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously, and therefore do not and will not divulge such data to any third party whatsoever, except as stated below. We do however use personally identifiable information to maintain correspondence and communication with our customers for informational updates, as well as sales and marketing of our own products and services, or third parties who, through a financial arrangement, appear on the this site. But, to repeat, such information is for this Site's and its paying customers' purposes, and is NOT divulged or revealed to any other third party, except under such extraordinary circumstances as are outlined below in Section 3.


A. Notwithstanding the foregoing as set forth in Section 2, Paragraph B above, we reserve the right to provide emails and other similar contact information to our partners who are in good standing with this Site. If you interact with any ministry or broadcast partner that appears on this site in any way, you consent to allowing us to share your name, email address, and/or phone number with that ministry or ministries, as the case may be, whose content you may interact with, whether by simply viewing, listening, or otherwise consuming in whole or in part any text, graphic, audio or video media appearing on this site, or by engaging any link, inquiry form, banner ad or similar that may connect you directly with them. If you do not wish to share your your information, you must opt out in writing, either electronically by emailing our admistrative offices at Note that if you opt out and still connect to a ministry or ministries via this site, whether by clicking or tapping a link or button, or by submitting an inquiry form, you will be providing your contact information that or those ministry(ies) or broadcast partner(s) with whom you interact via this site regardless.

B. We are, moreover, not above the law. We will reveal any personally identifying and non-personally identifying information to a legal authority that compels us to. If we are served with a subpoena or warrant to report such data by a court of law anywhere within the jurisdiction of the United States of America, including Federal, state and municipal courts, we refer them to our own lawyers for disposition. Such subpoenas and warrants as may be issued by government authorities outside the United States of America will be referred to our own lawyers for disposition. If at that time, it is determined we have no choice but to reveal or divulge such information, we will do so.

C. Note that, as stated in the first paragraph above, if we do process financial transactions electronically, and/or through the Internet, we use third-party providers to process such financial transactions as you may have with us. Thus, for the express purpose of completing such transactions, we also provide such information as the payment processor requires to complete such transactions. Once processed, however, we DO NOT keep a record thereof.


You may also see (and/or use) links to third parties on our Site. Any information you reveal to those parties, whether our Site is involved directly or indirectly or not, are strictly between them and you. Our putting a link to third-party Sites is either simply a courtesy to those Sites, or is paid for by those sites, thus, the disposition of information or data revealed to the third party (or parties) is covered by their policies and you are advised to be familiar with such policies. In no way does this Site dictate to third parties what their policies should be, neither are we able to control the entities to which such links as we may provide may connect. You are hereby advised to use such links cautiously, despite the fact we perform due diligence before granting a link to third party Sites. In any event, we accept no responsibility for the actions of third parties, and you agree to hold us harmless in the event of a dispute you may have with such third parties.


We strive to maintain the accuracy of any and all information we collect, and you are entitled to such accuracy. We welcome and desire to make corrections of errors of fact and inaccuracies of data and information we collect from you. If you are or become aware of any mistakes or inaccuracies related to you or your account, please provide us with the appropriate corrections at your earliest convenience by writing to our administrative offices.


We remain committed to resolving privacy disputes as quickly as possible, and to as great a degree as possible. Direct such problems to our administrative offices.


This Site protects user information with the following security measures: by the security protocols, secure servers, firewalls, SSL encryption and other technology provided by our Website hosting company. All information collected by us is for our purposes only, and will never be knowingly divulged to any other third party, except as noted above, or ordered to be divulged by Federal, state or local authority, e.g., the FBI, CIA, Internal Revenue Service, law enforcement or Federal, state or local courts by subpoena, as noted in section 3 above.