Strong Women Podcast

Strong Women Podcast

Sarah Stonestreet and Erin Kunkle

S4 27: Glorifying Christ in the Spotlight With Korie Robertson

February 28, 2024

Korie Robertson is a wife, mom, grandma, and business owner—but listeners may know her best from the popular reality show Duck Dynasty. From getting married at 18 to saying “yes” to a reality show to starting a media production company, Korie’s pursuits have been marked by a desire to love Jesus, love people, and make Christ known. She joins us this week to share about her family’s unexpected journey into the spotlight and her passion for creating media that brings families together and shapes the culture for good.

More Than a White Man’s Religion: Why the Gospel Has Never Been Merely White, Male-Centered, or Just Another Religion

More Than a White Man’s Religion: Why the Gospel Has Never Been Merely White, Male-Centered, or Just Another Religion

How should we respond when friends and family members accuse the Church of being racist or sexist? It can be hard to know how to defend the Church throughout history. It can be uncomfortable to acknowledge that Christians have not always conducted themselves in a Christ-like manner. In his book, More Than a White Man’s Religion: Why the Gospel Has Never Been Merely White, Male-Centered, or Just Another Religion, Abdu Murray explores some of the claims that are frequently made about Christianity. He walks through Church history and shows the ways that many Christians have historically worked for justice, rather than against it; yet he doesn’t skirt around the hard realities of Church history either. This book demonstrates how Jesus (and His followers) have been advocates for truth and dignity. It reminds the reader that one of the core tenets of our faith is that God made each person in His own image and that each person should be treated as such. At the Colson Center we endeavor to equip you with the tools necessary to understand the world around you and to live out your faith in every sphere of influence. When you give a gift of any amount this month, we’ll send you a copy of More Than a White Man’s Religion as a thank-you gift.

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Today’s narrative surrounding womanhood is characterized by extremes, each decrying the other as shallow, misguided, or unfulfilling. The Strong Women Podcast represents a community of women coming together to explore a third way: a deeper vision that affirms the origins, humanity, value, and creativity of women. With the insights of our varied guests, we encourage fellow strong women to step confidently into their shared calling and unique gifts.

About Sarah Stonestreet and Erin Kunkle

Erin Kunkle is a speaker and the co-host of the Strong Women podcast for the Colson Center. She co-founded MAVEN three years ago with her husband, Brett—a movement to equip the next generation to know truth, pursue goodness, and create beauty. She also co-hosts the MAVEN Parent podcast. Erin received her bachelor’s degree in social science with an emphasis in political science from Biola University. She and her husband have five children and two granddaughters. They live in Southern California. 

Sarah Stonestreet is the co-host of the Strong Women podcast, a podcast that explores God’s design for women through women’s stories. Sarah delights in the wonder of learning. She particularly enjoys the stories of history, classic literature, global Christianity, and theology. Sarah is the director of community outreach at Saint George’s Anglican Church and the Colorado Springs Colson Fellows cohort director, though her main job in this season of life is to love and serve her family, which consists of her husband John and their four children.