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The Narrow Path

Steve Gregg

The Narrow Path - May 21

May 21, 2024

Revelation: Four Views

Revelation: Four Views

The last book of the Bible is one of the most complicated and confusing---how are we to understand it? In this parallel commentary, you'll learn about four major traditional views and discover the differences in interpretations. Features extensive coverage of Revelation throughout church history. When giving, please let The Narrow Path know you listen on MyHopeNow.

About The Narrow Path

The Narrow Path is the radio and internet ministry of Steve Gregg, a servant Bible teacher to the body of Christ. We hope that you may find great benefit from the valuable resources offered here without charge. If you click on the various tabs above, you will be able to peruse all that is available.

The ministry continues because God provides servant coworkers, who tirelessly labor and generously finance the ministry. We trust that God will provide all our needs as long as it is His will that we continue – as He has done since the program began in 1997.

About Steve Gregg

My life has been a true adventure with God, since I have lived most of my adult life “by faith.” From my teens, I have taken the lives of Jesus and the apostles (as well as spiritual giants, such as George Mueller and Hudson Taylor) as my inspiration and role models of financing the work of the ministry, and have seen awesome answers to prayer and timely financial deliverances literally hundreds of times through my whole adult life. Although I have lived most of my life without predictable support, having never requested remuneration for any ministry I have ever performed, nor been on the payroll of any church or Christian organization, nor sent out financial appeals, nor even let anyone but God know our personal needs, God has seen to it that my family and I have never lacked for anything that is necessary for a relatively comfortable life. Very many times, we have gotten down to our last dollar, without a hint of where the next money might come from—only to have the needed amount arrive from some unexpected donor, who knew nothing about our shortage. Sometimes we have fared comfortably, and other times we have lived not far from the poverty line. Most of the time, God’s provision has been just right—and never too little!

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