The National Crawford Roundtable

The National Crawford Roundtable

Bob Dutko, Neil Boron, Roger Marsh, John Rush

Episode 246-All Things Gaza

The National Crawford Roundtable | May 3, 2024

Episode 246-All Things Gaza: In this week's episode of the National Crawford Roundtable we look at how the events in Gaza affect the United States and the upcoming Presidential election. What is the impact of Palestinian Occupiers/Protestors on college campuses? Are Ivy League schools finally reaping what they've sown over the past 60 years? What impact will Biden's Israel Policy toward Israel have on the November election, especially on young voters? How big is this issue compared to something like the Southern Border? Is Biden governing right now or traveling for votes? How is coordinated anti-semitism happening in real-time in an era that supposedly is hostile to "hate speech"? Is there any role the Church can play, or do we just hope all of this goes away?

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